Maureen Nolan

Defining a self or becoming one’s own person is a task that one ultimately does alone, and takes an entire life time.  No one else can or will do it for you, although others may try, and we may invite them to do so. In the end I define what I think feel and believe. Yet this lonely and challenging task cannot be accomplished in isolation. We can only accomplish it through our connectedness with others, and the new learning about ourselves that our relationships provide.  Bearing this in mind, some of my work may evoke nostalgia, but it represents my search to discover how people, past events, experiences, places, things, and family members influence my present self.  I try to illustrate the tension between innocence and ignorance.  As kids we traveled the United States, camping along the way. I gained and appreciation for nature which I am sure has influenced my need to make landscapes. My landscapes can be imagined or inspired by my collection of photographs. Some of my work is influenced by the affects that alcohol and mental illness can have upon a family. By examining and reinterpreting old family photographs I explore familial relationships and the influences these close relationships have had on my life.  My work helps me to open doors and shed light on information that was supposed to be kept in the dark. I attempt to expose common misconceptions (an alcoholic is a bum in the gutter) and broaden awareness (an alcoholic is your mother, your father, etc.). My work is comprised of both abstract and representational images.


I work in Oil, usually on canvas or linen, although occasionally I use other surfaces such as burlap, or wood panel. I like to experiment with mediums to create various textures in my paintings. I use vibrant colors, often in the complimentary color ranges. I prefer working on linen, but use canvas because it is more economical, I stretch and prime my own canvases. 

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